It was a friends' mother who made me realize that being an artist was an actual career.  At the time, my style consisted mainly of ink flow drawings; pen and ink designs focusing on balance and flow (see: noels wings - archive).

Eventually I made the move to colour and over the following years I immersed myself in everything to do with art.  As art is an inexhaustible resource, it has become a life long challenge where I am continually in search of new subject matter and unique styles of expression.

The year of the horse (see: not so recent) is a combination of different styles.  On the surface it is a painting of a horse in a field.  Flowing black lines create a floral pattern, within which are areas of solid paint colour while the background of the floral is defined by areas of blended colour.

  With each painting, my ability and understanding of art increases.  After creating the Amber Valley Pioneers mural in 2018, I have come to appreciate the importance of including the human figure in my art.  I feel that it gives the viewer more of a relationship with the art work.

To inquire about purchasing a piece of original art for your home or office, please contact me directly.

Trevor Salé